K9000 Dog Wash

What Is K9000® Dog Wash?

Tru Blu Dog Wash is the home of the world famous K9000® DIY Dog Wash. The K9000® is created with superior materials, clever construction techniques and the best componentry available, combining to create an incredibly hard working Dog Wash, designed to make you money. Put simply the K9000® Dog Wash advantage is its durability over time. If it’s not from Tru Blu, it’s not a K9000®!

The secret to the K-9000®’s success is its ease of installation in a huge range of sites, its long term fail-safe operation thanks to exceptional engineering and proven reliable components, and its user-friendly design.

Dog Wash Features

  • Fully self-contained and low maintenance
  • Accepts cash, credit card, smartphone, and tokens
  • Engineered using quality kitchen-finish stainless steel
  • Optional customized graphics and enclosures
  • Two uniquely designed driers to suit hot and cold climates
  • Auditing feature to track usage
  • Technologically advanced product dispensing
  • Low water consumption
  • 2nd generation drainage system to ensure hair-free and water-free floor
  • A disinfectant function to clean the machine after each use
  • 12-month warranty and full support and servicing
  • Designed for high volume and long lifespan

Designed and Built With Dogs In Mind


If you can’t find one in your town, perhaps you know a business that should have one, or you want to buy, lease, or sell the K9000® yourself. Just Contact K9000 Dog Wash and we’ll be happy to help you or someone who loves your dog as much as you.
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