K9000 DIY Self Service Dog Wash 

What Is K9000® Dog Wash?

Tru Blu Dog Wash is the home of the world famous K9000® DIY Dog Wash. The K9000® is created with superior materials, clever construction techniques and the best componentry available, combining to create an incredibly hard working Dog Wash, designed to make you money. Put simply the K9000® Dog Wash advantage is its durability over time. If it’s not from Tru Blu, it’s not a K9000®!

The secret to the K-9000®’s success is its ease of installation in a huge range of sites, its long term fail-safe operation thanks to exceptional engineering and proven reliable components, and its user-friendly design.

How K9000 Dog Wash Works

What Is K9000® Dog Wash?

Today, the K9000® is by far and away the most requested dog wash on the market, and every year more dogs are washed with the K9000® than any other DIY dog wash. This past year, more than 2.7 Million dog washes on more than 1,700 K9000® self-serve dog wash machines made happy clean dogs and happy dog owners who didn’t have to mess up their homes or bathrooms.

For only $10 and 10 minutes, and some quality bonding time between best friends while the car was being washed, the oil was being changed, before shopping in the store for pets, or after a trip to the beach or vet, the K9000® is available 24/7/365 at a location near you.

Designed and Built With Dogs In Mind

How We Meet the Need

The K9000® responds to a growing trend in the U.S., Canada, and globally – there are more and more dog owners who have less space at home to wash their dogs. They need inexpensive, easy-to-use self-serve dog wash stations that do a brilliant job at cleaning their precious canines.

Given this need, self-serve dog washes are increasingly popular – and people are becoming more discerning in their choice of which dog wash they use, as some are much more pet- and user-friendly than others.

Dogs of all shapes and sizes love the k9000 Dog Wash. The K9000 Dogwash was designed and built with dogs in mind and that’s why they all have a great experience when they get washed by a K9000.


If you can’t find one in your town, perhaps you know a business that should have one, or you want to buy, lease, or sell the K9000® yourself. Just Contact K9000 Dog Wash and we’ll be happy to help you or someone who loves your dog as much as you.
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