Pet Stores
Install a K9000 and you’ll quickly transform your business from a pet store to a destination for dog lovers.

The benefits of a machine are wide ranging. In fact, one of our owners in suburban Sydney said her machine had brought a sense of theatre to her pet store, giving them an opportunity to engage with our customers and introduce them to new products.

Because owners generally install their machine inside their store, the extra foot traffic will lead to extra sales of everyday products like pet food and pet care treatments. Regular customers will return to the store more often than if they were just purchasing dog food.

This has been proven by direct feedback from dozens of our happy independent Pet Store owners and also our National corporate customers who use
the K9000 to complement their existing in store offerings.

The presence of the K9000 also provides scope for easy customer bonuses via loyalty programs, such as “Spend $50 in store to get a free DIY wash”. The marketing possibilities are endless.

The global pet care market is expected to reach USD 202.6 billion by 2025, according to a new report. The rise in the adoption of pets and growing demand for premium care products are few factors expected to drive market growth.

Advances in technology are making boarding, grooming, and training facilities more easily accessible to the owners.

According to estimates of the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, Americans alone will spent USD 5.4 billion on pet grooming and boarding services in 2018 and growing.