How long has K9000 been in operation?
K9000 Dog Wash began designing and manufacturing self serve dog wash machines in Australia in 2005.
We are the original and continue to support our machines in the field with spare parts and service support.

How many K9000’s are installed across the world?
We now have over 2000 x K9000 units installed globally.

Where are the K9000 machines made now?
K9000 machines are manufactured in 2 locations in Australia and the USA.
The Australian head office is located in Warrnambool, Victoria.
The USA manufacturing plant is based in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Is there a warranty on the K9000?
Yes, the standard warranty on all K9000 machines is 12 months from installation.
Extended warranty is available, conditions may vary, depending on your location.
There is also a 10 year structural warranty on all K9000 units.

What approvals/permits are required to install a K9000?
It is best to check with your local authorities, as each region will vary. If you need a copy on the installation specs to submit for approval, please contact your K9000 regional distributor/manufacturer and we can assist. We have installed machines in all locations and always been able to meet local approvals.

What kind of Return on Investment can I expect as an owner?
The K9000 will generally repay itself over a period of around 18 months as an average. Finance options are available though in most territories if you wanted to finance the unit.

How much does it cost to run a cycle on the machine?
With data from over 2000 machines installed, we know that it costs between $1.00-1.50 to run a cycle in the dogwash machine. The price for a customer to wash the dog usually is around $10 for 10 minutes. At these rates, the profit margin is quite attractive to investors and business owners alike.

How much labour is required to maintain the unit?
An average site would need to set aside around 20 minutes, twice per week to clean and maintain the machine. Our class leading filtration system ensures you can relax knowing that the machine will not require constant cleaning when it is busy.

How often does the K9000 need to be serviced?
We recommend the K9000 gets a service every 12-24 months by a technician. The machines are built to last and many basic service tasks can be completed by the owner, with guidance from our operator manual and phone support.

Where do I start in order to purchase a K9000?
You can contact your local authorized K9000 manufacturer/distributor HERE.
If you are outside of these areas, please contact K9000 HQ in Australia for more information.