The K9000 Dog Wash story began from humble beginnings in regional Australia in 2005. A creative idea born in the carwash industry, grew to become an industry in its own right and provided a solution to a problem that dog owners had faced for years.

The K9000 created a revolutionary new market for self serve dog washing that has changed the way that people clean their dogs worldwide. The clever design ensured that people could wash their dogs better than ever before, while the owners of the machine enjoyed a fast, hassle-free return on investment.

Since that time, over 2000 x K9000 units have been installed across the globe, making it the most sold self-serve dogwash machine in the world.

While the early years saw machines only manufactured in Australia and exported internationally, there is now an additional K9000 manufacturing facility in the USA to help service the growing global market.

The K9000 has been often imitated, but never duplicated. Our machines are built to industry leading standards and we have added additional models to service a wide range of industries and applications.

We are continuing to innovate, create and evolve the K9000, adding new features and constantly improving the dog washing experience for both the users of the machine, and the owners- while never sacrificing quality and reliability.

Through the years, K9000 has grown a reliable distribution network in New Zealand, Canada, USA, UK and Singapore. Our carefully selected International network is well placed to service our customers, no matter the location. Our International market is always growing and we have successfully installed and serviced K9000 units in many other countries outside of these territories.

Our international team work collaboratively to ensure that the high standards we set back in 2005 are upheld across the board with no compromises.

Our reputation has been built on manufacturing the worlds best self serve dogwash, while providing an end to end after sales service that is unrivalled in the market. We know how important it is for our customers to have reliable and profitable equipment. Our after sales teams ensure that you are in good hands for years of steady profits from the K9000.

If quality, reliability and profit matter to your business, then you need a K9000!

The first K9000 installed in 2005 is still operating flawlessly to this day, creating hassle-free profits for its owner. The reliability of our fleet of models is at the heart of our reputation.

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