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Does K9000 offer a franchise business model?

No, upon purchasing, the K9000 is installed and operated as part of your business; no franchise fees are applicable.

What services do I need to connect a K9000?

The only services you will require are a cold water supply, sewer connection & power circuit.

Is there any assembly required?

No, the machine arrives fully assembled and pre-tested, ready for simple installation and connection by a local tradesperson.

Who installs the machine?

The only installation experts you will need are local tradespeople such as a plumber and electrician.

How do I get started?

Contact one of our friendly K9000 team members here to get started on your journey and join thousands of others in the K9000 family.

How much does a K9000 machine cost?

The price of a K9000 unit can vary depending on the installation type and features included. View our range of models and their relevant pricing here.

How do I add my listing to the K9000 directory?

Register your K9000 to our global directory by following the link located under our Find a Dogwash page.

Do I need a council permit to install a K9000?

Every area, state and municipality have different regulations, so it’s advised that you check with your local tradespeople to confirm what council permits may be required.

How much labour is required to maintain the machine per week?

The K9000 will require around 1 hour of labour per week to run, including soap top-ups & cleaning.

Can I customise decals for my K9000?

Yes, K9000 offers in-house design services for custom branding. Alternatively, we also accept any independently commissioned artwork you may want to supply for branding purposes.

How long does it take to deliver a K9000 machine?

K9000 dog wash machines are built to order and with a lead time of approximately eight weeks per unit.

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